Outdoor Urban Design

High School for Math, Science, & Engineering Ernesto Pedroso

“It is not enough to see architecture: you must experience it. You must observe how it was designed and for what special purpose. You must dwell in the spaces, feel how they close about you, observe how you are led from one space to another.”
“Just as we do not notice the individual letters in a word but receive a total impression of the idea the word conveys, we generally are not aware of what it is that we perceive but only of the conception created in our minds when we perceive it.”
Steen Eiler Rasmussen- Experiencing Architecture.

The Outdoor Exhibit Space is an open plan for people to view shapes and space. There are shapes carved out on each part of the wall and they interact with the space on the opposite wall. Also there is a reflective object in the middle to expand the space.